Yaniv Edery

Born in 1977, Yaniv Edery is a French contemporary artist passionate about the intersection of art and technology. Known for his innovative artistic technique and three-dimensional works, he has developed a unique approach to art. His innovative method has allowed him to create works that challenge traditional perception and stand out for their depth and extraordinary details.

Yaniv Edery’s distinctive signature is his technique, developed after spending time in New York and Tel Aviv, involving the use of resins, paints, and acrylic. This combination of materials and processes creates a play of contrasts between metallic shades and glossy finishes. The artworks seem to emerge from the surface, offering unique and ever-evolving perspectives when viewed from different angles.

His artistic skill has been recognized in numerous international contexts, including Art Basel Miami Week, where he was selected to reproduce and represent the immense figure of James Rizzi. Thanks to the success achieved, Yaniv Edery’s works are exhibited worldwide, occupying prestigious spaces in art galleries and hotels, such as the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel, which hosts a permanent exhibition of his works.

Yaniv Edery is known for his ongoing pursuit of new artistic challenges and forms of expression, making experimentation and innovation the keys to his artistic journey. This is why his technique and works are unique, continuing to capture the attention of the contemporary art world.

His creations depict a multitude of subjects, ranging from the animal world in its most natural sense to the anthropomorphic reinterpretation of those same animals portrayed as high-society characters. Tigers, lions, and gorillas, all animals belonging to a particularly wild habitat, are often depicted within a naturalistic framework where they maintain their original appearances. In other representations, the artist completely removes them from their context. Here that animals are dressed in high-fashion suits, seemingly challenging the observer, flaunting cigars and luxury watches.

Distinctive of Edery’s production are also the more contemporary and iconic subjects of our time, including the greatest fashion icons like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, as well as cinema legends from the past century. Representative are the depictions of the most well-known characters in Italian-American imagination: Al Pacino, Marlon Brando, and Robert De Niro. This pop reinterpretation extends to involve the most recognized and beloved Disney and Warner Bros. cartoon characters, featuring Mickey Mouse, Scrooge McDuck, and their companions impeccably dressed and engaged in eccentric poker games.

In addition to works produced with his characteristic technique, the body of his work also includes bronze sculptures that evoke the same anthropomorphic subjects. Atop the signed jackets of the sculptural busts, severe-looking tiger and gorilla heads reign, in clear contrast to the delicate butterflies resting on their clothing.