About us

Located in the vibrant and artistic heart of Milan, MAD2 is born within the historical context of Brera at Via Madonnina 2.

In continuity and harmony with the rich tradition of the neighborhood, deeply connected to the artistic landscape, the space’s aim is to stimulate reflection and foster a dialogue among the artist, the artwork, and the audience.

The gallery’s name is inspired by the address of the historic Via Madonnina, while celebrating the intersection of the three realms it brings together: Fashion, Art, and Design.

MAD2 stands out as an interdisciplinary space and a meeting point for these different realities, ideas, and forms of art that communicate with each other, contributing to the creation of a unique and elegant aesthetic through the synergy of their multiple facets.

Through its interdisciplinary vocation, MAD2 seeks to surpass conventional boundaries, offering enthusiasts and visitors an immersive experience in a world where creativity, innovation, and beauty converge into a singular artistic expression.

MAD2 opens with the exhibition of works by Yaniv Edery, showcasing his distinctive artistic vision. In the heart of this dynamic space, his work finds an atmosphere that enhances its uniqueness and style, transporting observers into a three-dimensional world where the artist’s creativity comes to life. The achieved effect is the creation of a profound connection between the artwork and the observer, a journey through the forms, colors, and ideas that define Edery’s distinctive signature.

MAD2 becomes not only an gallery and exhibition space but also a space of connection, where art and the public engage in continuous dialogue, contributing to shaping a vibrant and ever-evolving artistic landscape.

Yaniv Edery

Lion Never Give Up – 2023 

Mixed media on aluminium – 200×150 cm